How i 3x’d my wave count, doubled my paddle strength and how you can start catching a ton more waves using this same strategy


learn how to get a competitive edge in your surfing to:

✅3X your wave count
✅double breath hold time
✅feel more confident in heavy surf

ever wonder why 5% of surfers catch all the good waves?

It’s because they act on a secret that the other 95% of surfers don’t know

Here it is: The better a surfer you are, the less people there are in the water

Using that knowledge, here’s what they do..


instead of getting distracted by 50 or 60 surfers around them, elite surfers are focused on their own surfing skills, their own objectives.. and therefore constantly sharpening their game.. and catching all the waves..


If you had the chance to learn the skills to sharpen your paddling and barrel game, would you take it?

If the crowd size suddenly became less stressful because you were focused on honing in on your surf objectives, how would your sessions feel?


To access this next level in your surfing, you’ll need these 3 specific things:

✅ The mindset to constantly catch waves each session

✅ strategic positioning that works at any surf spot

✅ breathing exercises to increase paddle strength and breath capacity


This course is designed to maximize your surfing progress in these areas and much more

Here’s What Surfers from beginner to advanced levels Are Saying About The Wave Count Abundance Formula:


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The big question on my students’ mind is.. how is it that 5% of the surfers in the water are catching mostly all the good waves?

Many people come to me frustrated that such a small percentage of the crowd is catching the best waves..

And I say: “Listen closely because I can show you how to get into that elite group of surfers who are catching all the waves.

Will it happen instantly? No, it will take practice and commitment to your personal growth and your specific goals.

However, This program has gotten surfers fast results in as little as 1 session!

Just this week, I helped one of my students go from frustrating surf sessions and feeling in a slump, to getting the waves of his life 5 days later.

So you can tell yourself that the 5% are just more talented, more experienced, have more balls than the rest.. and come up with any other excuse (that’s what most surfers do) Or you can take control of your progress in your surfing and your life and use the Wave Count Abundance Formula to your advantage.

I’ve condensed the best of my secrets to fast surfing progress and offer them now in the WAVE COUNT ABUNDANCE FORMULA..

It Took Me 2 Decades Of Surfing and Missing Out On Wave Abundance, Battling with crowds, and sometimes even getting in fights in the water.. but I have finally perfected the approach to get in and stay in the wave count abundance zone.. and want to share my 2 decades of expertise with you.

Now, you can catch more waves, feel more confident in heavy surf and hone in on the keys to fine tuning your barrel riding skills.

Inside The Wave Count Abundance Formula, you’ll find 4 modules of in-depth video trainings (90 minutes of video)

Here’s What You’re Going To Get in The Wave Count Abundance Formula:

✅ 5 steps to increase your paddle strength and 3x your wave count

✅ The breathing exercise I perfected after years of practice

✅ How this simple exercise allowed me double my breath hold time

✅ A deep dive video breakdown of the secrets to positioning yourself on a wave to get barreled and make the exit

✅ Techniques I use for active muscle recovery, to optimize my cardio and stamina and avoid injuries (No fitness coaches talk about this stuff)

✅ How I “begin my day” the night before with this powerful step

✅ A way to maximize the benefits of your surf sessions so that you get stronger and stronger every session

✅ The single best morning ritual you could engage in before dawn patrol sessions

✅ How anticipating your surf sessions and thinking ahead can boost your mental clarity, energy and power


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Today, you can take action and enter the realm of surf success or you can continue to experience the frustration of having to sit in a crowded line up and only hope you might somehow get a wave or two. But there is a cost of inaction:

Here’s what doing nothing will cost:

  • You will keep guessing about how to get the waves of your life.. But surfing is not a game of luck, or of guessing and hoping for the best.. it’s a game of precision, training and preparation and intelligent strategy
  • Missed waves, which equals missing out on the unreal feeling of stoke that you get after a great wave 
  • Money and time spent on unfulfilling surf trips and frustrating experiences at crowded breaks with good waves

The most powerful and rare trait I’ve noticed in the best pro surfers is: They’ve conditioned their mind and body not to hesitate or doubt itself.. And that’s just how I approach surfing and how I teach my students to approach their surfing.

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