February Update: GoFundMe confiscates $9 million worth of funds raised for Canada Trucker Convoy

Canadian banks freeze accounts of donors to the protest

About 3 weeks ago truckers shut down commerce in major cities in Canada by forming a massive blockade of certain roadways and cities. The purpose was to pressure local governments into lifting the vaccine mandates. Commerce amounting to $1 billion worth of goods per day was halted between the US and Canada.

In a ground swell of public support, the trucker convoy raised $10 million through GoFundMe. Then, the GoFundMe organization seized roughly $9 million of the Trucker Convoy’s support funds, announcing they were going to give it to “established charities verified by GoFundMe” (which would all be in line with the political agenda they are in support of) instead of giving it to the truckers whom the money belonged to.

GoFundMe based this outrageous action on the protest being “illegal” while declining to mention all the illegal fundraising they facilitated for radical groups who initiated violence and arson in US cities in spring and summer of 2020.

It’s clear GoFundMe is not looking at real evidence, but relying on Canadian officials’ statements claiming the convoy is “illegal.” However, legal threats against GoFundMe were immediate as noted by Breitbart News:

Following the publication of this article and an intense backlash against the company, GoFundMe has announced that all donors to the fundraiser for the Canadian Freedom Convoy will be “automatically” refunded. The Company claims it reversed course due to “donor feedback”

The only “feedback” they are actually concerned with is the threat of being sued. This is outright bad business by GoFundMe which will likely lead to a serious decline in their reputation. Like Facebook and twitter, GoFundMe has joined the ranks of corrupt businesses who censor and manipulate public perception to make partisan political statements. One alternative chosen by the truckers is GiveSendGo, which raised close to the initial $9 million AGAIN in a short time!

In the provinces of Alberta, the vaccine mandates were indeed lifted as a result of the pressure applied by the trucker convoy.

But in Ottawa, the outcome was different, and prime minister Justin Trudeau took a heavy- handed approach, in effect putting Ottawa under martial law by putting in place the ’emergencies act’ (without openly declaring martial law). This was an interesting turn of events, being that Trudeau did not hesitate to virtue- signal in the summer of 2020 by taking a knee in support of the violent and riotous protests all across America.

When it comes to the citizens in his own country, however, protests which are actually peaceful are NOT acceptable.

In fact, last week the peaceful convoy of truckers was greeted by masked police armed with rifles and riot gear.
The police smashed windows and physically attacked peaceful protesters. They trampled people with Clydesdale horses and it’s all been captured on video.

It’s important to note some of the prime minister’s statements leading up to his declaration of the Emergencies Act.

Weeks ago, Trudeau described the protesters as “holding unacceptable views”.

Has he lost it? Or does he know how absurd a statement like that sounds?

The idea that the state need approve it’s citizens views seems beyond even the level of authoritarianism seen in communist China. Trudeau is also on record stating that he “admires the dictatorship” of communist China. He appears to be on the right track in emulating China’s methods of suppressing criticism of tyrannical actions by the state.

In yet another shocking development last week, Canadian banks began seizing and freezing the bank accounts of donors who donated to the trucker convoy. This is very serious in that these moves are essentially acts of financial war perpetrated by the Canadian government against the Canadian people. It would take pages to cover even the basic list of news regarding the Canadian Trucker Convoy, but this write up can serve as an intro to these historical events which are not being covered by the mainstream press.

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