meeting and conquering the world’s challenges is possible when you take control of your health using these transformative approaches to exercise, recovery, breathing and diet



Here’s How I Discovered These Health Secrets That Transformed My Confidence And Health, And Have Achieved Fast Results For Countless People Who Followed My 7 Step Framework:

For 3 years, I woke up every day in chronic pain. My stomach often hurt and I routinely suffered from low energy levels. 

My shoulders had lost range of motion and they hurt. My knees were stiff and sore.

My hands were in excruciating pain at times. Doctors told me I had arthritis and I needed ‘medication’

But I had seen the harm that incorrect and unnecessary prescriptions had done to my family and people I cared about.

So I refused to listen to them and never went back to those doctors…

Then, alone with only my burning desire to feel strong again and a real motivation to take the necessary action to get there, I was ON A MISSION to find the secrets to healing myself.

As I stayed focused on my health goals of losing weight, increasing strength, reducing chronic pain, and gaining confidence, I began to find routines and exercises that worked extremely quickly and effectively.

And the single most powerful realization in my transformation was the method of dealing with fear in order to connect the mind and body more fully.. Why had this truth been concealed from us our entire lives?

Soon I succeeded in getting rid of my chronic muscle pain, and anxiety that I’d been feeling for years AND I lost 15 pounds by simply using a method called ‘Diet Optimization’ (more about that later on this page)

It felt incredible to emerge from my 5 year quest for health knowledge victorious.. to actually see that it’s possible to change your reality by changing your health, and to do it without taking pills or seeing doctors..

In the 7 step course from Mind Over Matter Mastery you’ll learn exactly how to: 

“Gauge” the success of your eating habits and use it to optimize your meals

✅ Avoid lack luster results – and what you can do to squeeze every ounce from every action you take…

✅ Powerful “2-minute” breathing technique (that’s all it takes) that will make you happier and clear minded so you come up with more ideas and motivation…

✅ Get bigger results without lifting weights

✅ A simple 45-Minute change in the way you work out that will skyrocket the level of your strength, endurance and immune system

✅ Techniques for higher energy levels and immunity to illness

✅ Harness the Power of Breathing exercises to conquer anxiety, reduce stress and feel amazing

✅ Reduce chronic joint and muscle pain using a powerful self- recovery system

✅ Anticipate life challenges before they happen so you can meet life with confidence, calm and clarity

✅ Breath in a way that lets your respond to life challenges with level- headed ease and calmness

Here are the 2 pillars of action you must know:

1. The human body already has all the ingredients and processes necessary for powerful healing and excellent health. These processes just need to be awoken and harnessed
2. The right breathing techniques can change your biology and physiology, and take your health and life to another level

I spent years figuring it out so you don’t have to.. And I’ve condensed it all into one online resource, a membership site which gives you access to 7 video modules in 21 separate videos in an easy- to- absorb format.

Here’s what students of Andrew’s 7 Steps To Invincible Health Are saying.. 

Since the course launch one year ago on the online learning platform Udemy, 7 Steps to Invincible Health has a 5 star rating and many positive reviews from students.

And now the course is available here on this site with more features than ever. Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll in the course:

✅ 7 video modules covering the complete approach to health I use to prepare for and recover from hard training in jiu jitsu, judo and big wave surfing

✅ 21 videos to guide you through the process one step at a time

Bonus 1:

✅ Access to my 45 Minute Home Power Workout I use to keep in top shape during lockdown

Bonus 2:

✅ Free one on one call in which I help you approach and conquer your single greatest challenge to you getting in the shape of your life (The value of this 1 hour call is $150 and you’ll get it absolutely free if you enroll in the next 48 hours!)

This course is for you if you:

1. Ready to take action today on getting your health and life to the next level
2. Agree that taking pills and painkillers will not make you more healthy 
3. Like learning about new ways to look and feel great daily
4. Have a strong desire to gain of your mind and body

This course is not for you if you:

1. Want a magic solution to fix your problems
2. Are not open to learning and applying new approaches to health and life mastery
3. Don’t have at least 15 minutes per day to practice the steps


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Health is the key to getting what you really want and deserve out of life, and it always pays off to invest in your health.

And I’ve taken all the risk out of your purchase by offering the 

Stronger Than Steel No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with everything shared in this course, you’ve got 30 days to get your money back, no questions asked. Simply contact the email address above requesting a refund, and you’ll get your money sent back via paypal within 24 hours of your refund request.