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Featured article: Wars, Inflation and Circuses: How Central Banks Ruin Nations and People

Featured video: Fast recovery from sports or work-related injuries that doctors won’t tell you about (because it won’t make them money)

SIGN OF THE TIMES BRIEF offers insights to connect history to world events today by looking through the lense of economics, political instability and critical thinking to understand where increasingly volatile world events may lead.

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For insights on where world events may lead in the near future, the Sign of the Times Brief connects the dots. Here’s an excerpt of the most recent article (link above):

As the title suggests, this piece will overview how the central banks in Europe and America brought in a system which would centralize power over banking into the hands of a few, leading to massive wars, rampant loss of purchasing power (inflation) and bloated bureaucratic systems which, combined, would spell the demise of the free enterprise system and the beginning of the end of American sovereignty by way of the organized looting of the wealth and influence of America’s productive masses.

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